U.S. Marines test high-tech tools For Fighting



The U.S. Marines test  of Fighting:

The U.S. Marines test at Camp Pendleton are preparing for the up and coming age of fighting.

New cutting edge apparatuses [include] versatile 3-D printers that can make save parts in the field to unmanned robots mounted with assault rifles. The extraordinary thing is having the genuine researchers and architects in the field for two weeks testing and assessing a large group of advances,” Col. Dan Sullivan said.

The current week’s activity unites more than 100 bits of cutting edge innovation and gives Marines a chance to work with them in recreated land and/or water capable ambush situations. In any case, putting such a great amount of confidence in independent gadgets raises worries over hacking.

new marines
new marines

“This is outlined in view of the digital risk,” Col. Sullivan said.

“In the event that there’s no digital security, it’s awful?” CBS News reporter Carter Evans inquired.

“I feel that is rapidly turning into our focal point of gravity, is safeguarding our system,” Sullivan said.

The innovation is compose by both military and regular citizen trailblazers. However not every last bit of it is initially expected for the front line.

The hyper-sub is a speedboat that transforms into a submarine. In the event that it sounds like a child’s James Bond dream, that is precisely how it began for creator Reynolds Marion.

“I just constantly figured it would be a smart thought as a child to have the capacity to have a truly cool speed watercraft that could go out and plunge when you needed to jump,” Marion said.

From energetic personalities, these manifestations are presently in the hands of youthful warriors like Cpl. Edmund Kennedy.

“You’ve been in the Marines four years but then you’ve this VIPs asking you, ‘What do you think?'” Evans inquired.

He’s one of the Marines taking part in the activity, and for him, a great deal of the innovation feels well-known.

“It was practically similar to being at home and playing a computer game,” Kennedy said. “Not in a million years” did he think he’d convey his gaming aptitudes to the activity.

“My mom let me know [playing video games] was an exercise in futility however take a gander at me now, mother!” Kennedy stated, snickering.

The Marines will take what they gain from this activity and limit their most loved advances, with the objective. The long run procuring some of them for organization – and they guarantee that will happen quick.

Troy Gentry dies at 50 due an accident

Troy Gentry, who was a piece of the well known down home music pair Montgomery Gentry, was killed Friday in a helicopter crash in Medford, N.J., where the gathering was to play that night. He was 50. Troy Gentry dies at 50 due an accident. Troy Gentry of the Country Music Duo Montgomery Gentry Dies at 50. The gathering affirmed the passing in an announcement on its site.

The Federal Aviation Administration said in an email that a Schweitzer 269 helicopter smashed close to the finish of a runway at the Flying W Airport in Medford, around 25 miles south of Trenton. The F.A.A. furthermore, the National Transportation Safety Board will explore.

Troy Gentry dies at 50 due an accident

Troy Gentry of the Country Music Duo Montgomery Gentry Dies at 50
Troy Gentry of the Country Music Duo Montgomery Gentry Dies at 50


Boss Richard J. Meder of the Medford Police Department said the helicopter had two individuals on board. The pilot, recognized as James E. Robinson, 30, of Meigs, Ga., influenced a pain to call to the airplane terminal before it slammed around 12:40 p.m., he said. Troy Gntry of the Country Music Duo Montgomery Gentry Dies at 50. Read More: Sports Dawn

The boss said Mr. Robinson was articulated dead at the scene and Mr. Nobility was taken to Virtua Marlton Hospital and articulated dead there.

Troy Gentry of the Country Music Duo Montgomery Gentry Dies at 50. The band was set to perform at the airplane terminal. Which likewise has a resort. Mr. Upper class shaped the couple Montgomery Gentry with Eddie Montgomery, whom he met while performing in groups with Mr. Montgomery’s sibling, the nation star John Michael Montgomery.

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As nation was handing solid and devoted over the mid 2000s, Montgomery Gentry flourished, scoring three platinum collections: “Tattoos and Scars” (1999), “My Town” (2002) and “You Do Your Thing” (2004). The Troy of the Country Music Duo Montgomery Gentry Dies at 50.

On melodies like “My Town,” a Southern shake impacted story of rustic life, and “A remark Proud Of,” the military-themed individual pride song of praise that was one of the twosome’s two No. 1 Billboard down home tunes, Mr. Nobility was the neat and tidy, smooth-singing supplement to Eddie Montgomery’s thicker drawl.

Together they influenced dynamism to out of nation hollers. The regardless of whether the point was relationship flexibility (“If You Ever Stop Loving Me”) or a warrior’s physical and mental scars (“Didn’t I”).

Stuntman John Bernecker Dies After Fall on Set

John Bernecker

John Bernecker

“The Walking Dead” Stuntman John Bernecker hospitalized with serious head injury after 20 foot awfulness fall onto concrete floor while working on set of the hit zombie appear in Georgia on Wednesday.

John Bernecker, a stuntman on AMC’s The Walking Dead, has passed on in the wake of managing serious injuries on the show’s set for the current week, multiple outlets confrimed. He was 33.
He said;to have managed genuine head damage from the stunning fall.

John currently being; dealt with at the emergency unit; “Atlanta Medicinal Center”.

John Bernecker

The stuntman, John Bernecker, passed away from injuries sustaned in a fall. The reason for death is limit compel injury; it has been ruled inadvertent passing;as indicated by Coweta Region Restorative Analyst’s Office.

Bernecker’s girlfriend:

Bernecker’s girlfriend, Jennifer Cocker, opened up about the accident on her Facebook page on Wednesday, July 12. “John should be seen by each; neurosurgeon; and specialist there is until the point; that one of them sees the life we as a whole know; he has in him and take him back to us,” she composed. “THIS ISNT Reasonable.”

“We are disheartened; to report that John Bernecker;a skilled stand-in for The Walking Dead and various other TV programs and movies; experienced genuine wounds a lamentable mischance on set,” an AMC representative said in an announcement given to E! News:after the fall was accounted for

“He was quickly transported to an “Atlanta healing facility ” and we have briefly closed down generation”.

“We are keeping John and his family in our considerations and petitions.”

On Thursday, star Lauren Cohan tweeted, “Dear Strolling Dead Family, please keep John Bernecker,;our double and his family in your supplications today.”

Hang AFTRA declared it was researching the mishap on Thursday.

“We informed of genuine damage to a; Hang AFTRA part on the arrangement of “The Walking Dead” and are exploring the circumstance,” said the union in an announcement to Due date.

“As usual, the wellbeing and security of our individuals and others.Our contemplations and supplications are with the entertainer and his family.”


Brigitte Macron

Brigitte Macron



There will be practically ideal symmetry in plain view when the Trumps and the Macrons take a seat for supper at one of Paris’ most selective eateries on Thursday night.

While President Donald Trump’s affinity for more youthful ladies is notable and incorporates his marriage to current spouse;Melania, 24 years his lesser French President Emmanuel Macron has adopted the invert strategy.

Emmanuel en Brigitte Macron,

But, in a symbol of the radically different acceptance standard still applied to men and women who have relationship with younger people,Brigitte Macron has attracted far more attention for the age difference in his relationship than the American president.


French President:

The 39-year-old French president was born a little over 24 years after his wife, Brigitte. It was an age distinction that was clear from the earliest starting point of their relationship. They met, after all, when Macron began taking an after-school drama program taught by Brigitte at his secondary school in Amiens.

At the time;she was Brigitte Trogneux;a married mother of three youngsters;one of whom was a colleague of Emmanuel, at that point 15.
Brigitte, a French and Latin teacher at the school, said the boy was mature beyond his years.

“He had a relationship of equivalents with different grown-ups,” she said later.

“I was absolutely overcome by the intelligence of this boy.”
At the young age of 17, Emmanuel revealed to Brigitte that the match would wed one day. His folks; however, were less enthusiastic about the thought. They sent the future president away to contemplate in Paris, with the expectation that he would disregard his pulverize.

Emmanuel did no such thing, and 10 years after he made the guarantee to Brigitte Macron and a year after her separation he completed by approaching her kids for their mom’s submit marriage.

While Macron is 32 years more youthful than Trump, the French president has nearly the same number of grandchildren:

He has seven, because of Brigitte’s three youngsters, contrasted with Trump’s eight.

Brigitte relinquished her showing vocation as Macron risen as an improbable possibility for president. Also, Macron over and over paid tribute to his significant other amid his guerilla battle for president; frequently putting her up front in his endeavors.

Emmanuel en Brigitte Macron

“Without her;I wouldn’t be me,” he said,subsequent to dominating the competition; in the first round of voting in April.

Before beating Trump’s favored applicant, Marine Le Pen, in the second round,

Macron demonstrated that Brigitte’s unmistakable part would proceed in the Elysée Castle.

“In case I’m chosen-no, sad;when we are chosen-she will be there with a part and place,” he said.

Leo Messi becomes Argentina’s all-time top scorer

Leo Messi becomes Argentina's all-time top scorer

Argentina striker Lionel Messi turned into his nation’s unsurpassed top goalscorer on Tuesday when he scored in the Copa America semi-last against the United States to take his global count to 55 objectives. Leo Messi becomes Argentina’s all-time top scorer. 

Leo Messi becomes Argentina’s all-time top scorer


The five-time world player of the year scored in the 32nd moment of the match in Houston to give Argentina a 2-0 lead.

The objective in his 112th universal lifts him above Gabriel Batistuta,

who scored 54 objectives in 78 diversions for the two-time title holders.

Messi’s objective was a transcendent free kick from 25 yards out that gave U.S. goalkeeper Brad Guzan minimal possibility. He took the kick in the wake of being critically felled as he burst forward by Chris Wondolowski, the American accepting a yellow card. Leo Messi becomes Argentina’s all-time top scorer. 

It multiplied Argentina’s lead after Ezequiel Lavezzi put them one up in only three minutes. The Barcelona striker now has five objectives in the Centenary Copa America and is

one behind Chilean Eduardo Vargas in the race to end up the competition’s top goalscorer. He has accomplished his count regardless of not beginning in Argentina’s initial three amusements due to a back damage.

His structure has in any case been extraordinary,with the 28-year old scoring a cap trap in 19 minutes,in the wake of going ahead as a substitute in a 5-0 win over Paraguay a week ago. Argentina are hot top picks to win the Copa and end a trophy dry spell that stretches out back to 1993, when they won the Copa in Ecuador. Messi becomes Argentina’s all-time top scorer. 

They achieved the finals of the Copa America in 2015 and the World Cup in 2014,however barely lost both matches. Leo Messi becomes Argentina’s all-time top scorer

Social Issues In Pakistan


Social Issues In Pakistan

Pakistan is a country which at the present situation is facing a lot of “Social Issues” which includes the economic issues, political and with a same time they are also facing Social problems.

In such cases there are a few reasons which have created the situation in which such issues prevail. One of the vital issue through which Pakistan is experiencing is the social issues which have quite recently demolished the way of life, qualities and standards of the state.

There are so many reasons which have created such social problems, and at the same time it has dreadful impacts on the people as well as the image of the state.

     Biggest Social Problem:

         One of the biggest social problem is the crime of the state which has poked its head in most sever manner.

The daily crime which includes robbery, target killing, murder and sexual harassment has inculcated fear and terror in the mind of the residents of the country.

The government is unable to provide the security to the people of the state; at the same time it is unable to find out the root causes of such crimes;the root cause behind this is unemployment and unfair judicial system of country.
The difference between poor people and the rich has increased and is being increased day by day which is making situation further worse.

The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting wealthier. So this difference has created so many section and the levels in the people and people belonging to same levels interact with each other in other manners and with the other level people they react in other manner; so this difference has also increased hate redness and bad feeling for each other.

    Islamic state:

         Being as Islamic state we have forgotten the fundamental Islamic guideline,

which has expressed that all Muslims are brother of each other and nobody has any priority over other.

Another social issue is the gender discrimination.

In Pakistan females are being ignored and are not considered as the part of the society ;and are not encouraged to move forward and compete with male in all sections of life,

which has unequal rights to the both genders,which is again the basic rules and regulation of the religion Islam.

Social issues of Pakistan additionally incorporate the revile like debasement, religious

radicalism and division in different religious groups which incorporates Shia, Sunni, Wahhabi, Barailvi and some more.

This has eventually diminished the joined quality of the nation and as opposed to being one intense unit; we have separated ourselves in numerous groups which have shared the power;and has at last decreased the consolidated energy of the” Islamic Republic of Pakistan”.

It is imperative to dispose of these social issues;at the earliest opportunity before it gets past the point of no return;and we give our adversaries a brilliant opportunity to lead us as some time recently.