3 Different types of Newspaper Articles

This is going to be first post of this blog. So i try to make little better for all of. This post is about 3 Different types of Newspaper Articles . I will try to cover all the aspects of the newspaper article. in market, you can check and see different types of articles. Some of them are written so well that readers find their wills in well written article. Many of them are written “as a time pass”. Actually the basic purpose of writing article is to give them a complete source of information.

Newspaper article has critical importance in this field, because writer has to check all the sources as well their cites. Readers found this difficult to write a perfect, unique and quality content. but this is not difficult who reads daily newspaper. Newspaper is also a source of getting information and learning about it. 3 Different types of Newspaper Articles   are provided in newspaper. There are columns, editorials, news headlines,  pictures, some, ideas of philosophers and all other problem that peoples have faced. a best writer write on its all angel of problem. First he takes a eye catching heading that bring attention to the readers. After this, a little description will be given there and in last, after some comments from politicians, he/she writes cites for it. This is all about the newspaper articles.

3 Different types of Newspaper Articles

3 Different types of Newspaper Articles
3 Different types of Newspaper Articles

How You Understand 3 Different types of Newspaper Articles

This is main section of this article. How You Understand Different types of Newspaper Articles ? before writing an article you must predict, you can make differentiate between them. Must remember articles writing is based in the genre, audience requirement and interest, basic purpose and styling (layout). Different types of newspaper articles are given below.

News Articles

As newspaper is providing news and information about circumstances. Therefore, most of newspaper content is new articles. these are consist of small but attractive wording. In these articles writer writes only the main news, idea, problem etc that he want to described. this writing is point to point. They inform the reader about the what happening in the world. he can also discuss local problem in it.

Feature Articles

There are two main concept about Feature article. Feature article may consist of more description of news or an article the shows that quality of article. Feature article is the remaining of news article. After this he puts some images. Some newspaper called quality content as feature article.

Editorials and columns

These are the articles that are written by the peoples for publishing in news paper, Scholars, philosophers write these articles. This may be a comment about current circumstances in that area. Similarly it may be a entertainment article.

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