How to write Assignment Example for maximum marks

This post is specials for the students, particularly university students. In this i will cover basic tips and tricks that will make credit for you. Writing assignment is a integral part of college and university. As in schools, “teachers” give to write home work. In universities professors assign assignments to show your work. In Next few work, there will be a complete detail about How to write Assignment Example.

Now a days assignment is a daily writing work. The primary need of assignment is not only to make you practice of  work but want to show you ability of creativity. Best design assignment will give you amazing marks in exams. Main focus of assignment is the topic that your professor gives you to write. Let’s suppose Topic is “How to write an essay” so you will complete all the main ideas of writing essay, specially importance of essay, how to write it, introduction, and in page layout you must add some designs.

How to write Assignment Example for maximum marks

How to write Assignment Example for maximum marks
How to write Assignment Example for maximum marks

How to write Assignment Example

This is process will begin in steps. These setups are following and you will get  proper idea how to write. You must check how to write a newspaper article. This will broad your ideas.

Sheet Selection

Sheet selection is the main concern in assignment writings. because sheet colors, sizes and texture and pattern on the page impress the checker. Try to use colorful papers with little designing on corners. The quality should be best. Some sheet ideas are given below.

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Introductory Paragraph

Write the main idea about your topic. Try to complete this section in more then 3 lines. Similar, the paragraph will be best for more content. You cannot write here full summary. You can apply these tips to your text.

  • Should be unique ( do not copied )
  • Some important words should be “bold”
  • Must be under 200 Words
  • Try to to make two paragraph
  •  Leave space from starting paragraph

When you start writing there, in your mind automatically different ideas will come about topic. Your thinking will become broad. you must write that things but you should cross the main topic. As we took example, “How to write an essay“, you cannot write about stories here.

Paragraph Planing

There must be two two paragraph in star. For each and every paragraph, basically you have to think about your basic topic. The topic by which you want to tell the readers. In other words, research that are made after experiment should be written here.

Main Body

Complete your thinking at here .you must make paragraphs in it. We already discussed in paragraph planning.  Write research of other peoples, solutions, and compare the research. you can use words like, additionally, next, so on, about, like before, as well as, firstly, an other. These words make communication between different paragraphs and link them through different ways. Use your mind and paste in the body section. try to make paragraph of most 6 lines.

Use of Headings

Headings make the reader comfortable. Reader can find his/her details under heading. Use of headings creates a textual beauty. This textual beauty impress the reader as well as examiner. According to above example, we can make “Introduction, Main Body, Results” etc headings. You can make your own headings according to your desire.


In last you must write the results. The results should be same as in introductory paragraph. In this part, give clue to reader to an other page and lesson to make interest.


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