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“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” Edna Ferber

A Christmas Carol. The Little Match Girl. The Cricket at the Hearth. As much as I love to read these classics during the holiday season (okay, that’s not completely true. I read The Little Match Girl once and that was enough for me. My little nine year old soul was scarred for life) I also enjoy finding new tales to delight in.

I was thrilled when presented with the opportunity to gather the works of master storytellers into The Christmas Tales Bundle, a collection of ten short stories depicting the various shades of the season.

In “Carl of the Bells” discover how a Christmas scam doesn’t turn out as planned.

Find romance in the resort town of Leavenworth, Washington in “Firelights of Christmas”

See a widower receive a magical, musical gift in “Walter’s Christmas Night-Musik”

Meet the fascinating Matt Sturtz in “Rehabilitation”

And much more…

From fantasy to women’s fiction, mystery to romance, this collection of short stories is sure to have something for everyone. So treat yourself, or someone you know, to this bargain priced bundle this holiday season and all year through.


Do you have a favorite holiday story you like to read? Wishing you and yours a wonderful December filled with laughter, love and happy memories.


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