Social Issues In Pakistan


Social Issues In Pakistan

Pakistan is a country which at the present situation is facing a lot of “Social Issues” which includes the economic issues, political and with a same time they are also facing Social problems.

In such cases there are a few reasons which have created the situation in which such issues prevail. One of the vital issue through which Pakistan is experiencing is the social issues which have quite recently demolished the way of life, qualities and standards of the state.

There are so many reasons which have created such social problems, and at the same time it has dreadful impacts on the people as well as the image of the state.

     Biggest Social Problem:

         One of the biggest social problem is the crime of the state which has poked its head in most sever manner.

The daily crime which includes robbery, target killing, murder and sexual harassment has inculcated fear and terror in the mind of the residents of the country.

The government is unable to provide the security to the people of the state; at the same time it is unable to find out the root causes of such crimes;the root cause behind this is unemployment and unfair judicial system of country.
The difference between poor people and the rich has increased and is being increased day by day which is making situation further worse.

The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting wealthier. So this difference has created so many section and the levels in the people and people belonging to same levels interact with each other in other manners and with the other level people they react in other manner; so this difference has also increased hate redness and bad feeling for each other.

    Islamic state:

         Being as Islamic state we have forgotten the fundamental Islamic guideline,

which has expressed that all Muslims are brother of each other and nobody has any priority over other.

Another social issue is the gender discrimination.

In Pakistan females are being ignored and are not considered as the part of the society ;and are not encouraged to move forward and compete with male in all sections of life,

which has unequal rights to the both genders,which is again the basic rules and regulation of the religion Islam.

Social issues of Pakistan additionally incorporate the revile like debasement, religious

radicalism and division in different religious groups which incorporates Shia, Sunni, Wahhabi, Barailvi and some more.

This has eventually diminished the joined quality of the nation and as opposed to being one intense unit; we have separated ourselves in numerous groups which have shared the power;and has at last decreased the consolidated energy of the” Islamic Republic of Pakistan”.

It is imperative to dispose of these social issues;at the earliest opportunity before it gets past the point of no return;and we give our adversaries a brilliant opportunity to lead us as some time recently.

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