Stuntman John Bernecker Dies After Fall on Set

John Bernecker

“The Walking Dead” Stuntman John Bernecker hospitalized with serious head injury after 20 foot awfulness fall onto concrete floor while working on set of the hit zombie appear in Georgia on Wednesday.

John Bernecker, a stuntman on AMC’s The Walking Dead, has passed on in the wake of managing serious injuries on the show’s set for the current week, multiple outlets confrimed. He was 33.
He said;to have managed genuine head damage from the stunning fall.

John currently being; dealt with at the emergency unit; “Atlanta Medicinal Center”.

John Bernecker

The stuntman, John Bernecker, passed away from injuries sustaned in a fall. The reason for death is limit compel injury; it has been ruled inadvertent passing;as indicated by Coweta Region Restorative Analyst’s Office.

Bernecker’s girlfriend:

Bernecker’s girlfriend, Jennifer Cocker, opened up about the accident on her Facebook page on Wednesday, July 12. “John should be seen by each; neurosurgeon; and specialist there is until the point; that one of them sees the life we as a whole know; he has in him and take him back to us,” she composed. “THIS ISNT Reasonable.”

“We are disheartened; to report that John Bernecker;a skilled stand-in for The Walking Dead and various other TV programs and movies; experienced genuine wounds a lamentable mischance on set,” an AMC representative said in an announcement given to E! News:after the fall was accounted for

“He was quickly transported to an “Atlanta healing facility ” and we have briefly closed down generation”.

“We are keeping John and his family in our considerations and petitions.”

On Thursday, star Lauren Cohan tweeted, “Dear Strolling Dead Family, please keep John Bernecker,;our double and his family in your supplications today.”

Hang AFTRA declared it was researching the mishap on Thursday.

“We informed of genuine damage to a; Hang AFTRA part on the arrangement of “The Walking Dead” and are exploring the circumstance,” said the union in an announcement to Due date.

“As usual, the wellbeing and security of our individuals and others.Our contemplations and supplications are with the entertainer and his family.”

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