How to write a Good Summary of an Article Example

How to write a Good Summary of an Article Example

Able to write an article is a basic need for any type of career. Peoples daily makes deals and make forms like bills, cites papers for authorization. Therefore, a person cannot make a deal until he should learn how hey can write article. In this post, I will cover “how to write a good summary of an article example”. An article without summary is just like a “burger without ketchup”. Moreover the taste of article is also vanishes without summary. Writing Summary ensures that writer has well read this news from all angles as he described well in summary.

In schools books, books are filled with summary. it is written because the student should read the summary and understand what has been given in article ( Topic ). Students ignore it but actually they are on loss. Summary is a all result of writings. We see that how’s summary for any article is important. How to write a good summary of an article example is a primary purpose of this article.

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How to write a Good Summary of an Article Example

How to write a Good Summary of an Article Example
How to write a Good Summary of an Article Example

The best summary is covered in four to five steps. To summarize an article, all things about article should be dome first. Make a decision with your teacher or guider and final what you need to write in article. Follow these steps to make it more professional and understandable.

  •  Read your topic completely again. Do not make too much notes this time. This will loss your concepts. Just focus on your main topic. After this,  ask your self the question like What? Why? How? When? These question will let you know more interesting information and you can write it in summary.
  • You must understand the whole story. Information is just like ocean. It never shortens. But in this regard you must be pointed towards your need. Other wise if you write some irrelevant article then your reader can be irritated.
  • After writing all the points that you have done before, you should again read this topic and note main points of your article.
  • Write all it again in first draft.

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How to write a Summary

Write author name, date, title and make best use of tenses. Write your draft that you have done before in the new format. You must read this How to write Assignment Example for maximum marks. In this article I have showed some best quality of paper, use them. Write about 1/4 of original length of article. After writing this, find someone ask him to read. Make some results after reading. Beside this, you can also check it in Microsoft word program to check it grammatically.

An overview is slightly distinct from any other creative work – you should maintain the voice that’s current while using author’s 100% of that time period. Revisit this content as you review your work — will you be jumping to help any findings?
Does the summary make exactly the same points for the reason that article by itself? Have a person omitted everything important? Maybe you’ve concentrated excessive on the actual finer facts?. After noting all the aspects, you can put your summary for publication.

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