Subject Matters

Subject Matters Author: Paul Gifford
Publisher: Rodopi

What can we currently make of 'the subject'? Under the sway of structuralism and poststructuralism, critical thinking took a distinctly negative turn, effectively disqualifying any form of subjectivity as a reference point in discussions of textual or literary meaning. Since ...

Almost a Century

Almost a Century Author: Alfred H. Honikman
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

Alfred Honikman was born in Cape Town South Africa in 1910. That year, his country was unified and became part of the British Empire. After growing up in Cape Town, he graduated with a degree in architecture from the University of ...

Epistola Posteritati

Epistola Posteritati Author: Francesco Petrarca
Publisher: Rodopi

A collection of essays concerning the nature of Renaissance biographies and portraits, which contextualise the works in order to understand their contemporary significance....

Epistola posteritati

Epistola posteritati Author: Karl A. E. Enenkel
Publisher: Rodopi

One of the most noticeable features of the Renaissance is what Jacob Burckhardt called the rise of the individual - in politics and religion, in its social life and in the arts, and in the mentality of Renaissance man, with ...

Practical Identity and Narrative Agency

Practical Identity and Narrative Agency Author: Kim Atkins
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

The essays collected in this volume address a range of issues that arise when the focus of philosophical reflection on identity is shifted from metaphysical to practical and evaluative concerns. They also explore the usefulness of the notion of narrative ...


Reflections Author: K. Peter Stich
Publisher: University of Ottawa Press

This volume discusses the autobiographical inclination in Canadian literature, exploring works by such writers as Alice Munro, W.O. Mitchell, Michael Ondaatje, John Glassco, and Susanna Moodie. Others works, including the oral memoirs of a Métis, an Inuit’s ...

Mapping the Contours of Oppression

Mapping the Contours of Oppression Author: Owen Evans
Publisher: Rodopi

Despite all the assertions towards the end of the twentieth century that the literary subject had expired along with the author, the wave of autobiographies published in German after the Wende was a clear indication that, on the contrary, life ...

The Body as Medium and Metaphor

The Body as Medium and Metaphor Author: Hannah Westley
Publisher: Rodopi

Reconsidering the relationship between autobiography and self-portraiture, The Body as Medium and Metaphor explores the intertextuality of self-representation in twentieth-century French art. Situating the body as the nexus of intersections between the written word and the visual image, this book ...

Postcolonialism & Autobiography

Postcolonialism   Autobiography Author: Michelle Cliff
Publisher: Rodopi

The two volumes on Postcolonialism and Autobiography examine the affinity of postcolonial writing to the genre of autobiography. The contributions of specialists from Northern Africa, Europe and the United States focus on two areas in which the interrelation of postcolonialism ...

Doctors Without Borders in Ethiopia

Doctors Without Borders in Ethiopia Author: Nyla Jo Jones Hubbard
Publisher: Algora Publishing

Naturalists as well as volunteer workers and medical professionals will enjoy the warm and personal tale of one woman's experiences in the scorching climate and the heart-melting expressions of humanity at this tent hospital in Ethiopia. This book describes the ...